New Professor at our Department: We welcome Professor Claudia Wagner!


The Department is growing: We are happy to welcome Professor Claudia Wagner at the new Chair for Applied Computational Social Science.

  Portrait von Professorin Claudia Wagner Copyright: © picturepeople

About the person

Professor Wagner received her doctorate in 2013 from the Graz University of Technology. Prior to that, she completed several international research internships, among others in the Social Computation Labs of HP, the Augmented Social Cognition Lab of Xerox PARC and the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University. With her W3 professorship at the RWTH for Applied Computer-based Social Sciences, she is engaged in an evolving field of research that focuses on the quality, validity and reliability of new data types, data collection tools and data analysis instruments for the social sciences. Furthermore, Claudia Wagner is head of the Computational Social Science Department at GESIS - Leibniz Institute of Applied Social Sciences.

Research Interests

In addition to the methodological challenges that arise in the collection and analysis of digital behavioral data, Professor Wagner is concerned with the impact of digitization on society and science. How do algorithms influence our decision-making? Under what conditions are minorities disadvantaged in digital environments? And how does digitization change the production of recognition in science and society?