Funded Projects


The chairs of the department are involved in a number of funded projects. The cooperations include other chairs and institutes of the RWTH Aachen University, other universities as well as public and private sector institutions.

An overview of exemplary projects can be found in the following table.

Project Chair Project website

Corona Diary

Chair Society and Technology Corona Diary at the SocTec website


Perception and orientation tool for the ethical, anthropological, sociological and informatics evaluation of complex socio-technical arrangements in a digitalized living environment

Chair Society and Technology ComplexEthics at the SocTec website
Digital Literacy Chair for Theory of Science and Technology Digital Literacy at the CSS Lab website


Artificial Intelligence in Diagnistics: Ethical, Professional and Social Issues

Teaching and Research Area Applied Ethics

ELSA-AID at the BMBF-Website (German)
Exzellenzcluster: Internet of Production Teaching and Research Area Applied Ethics Website of the Cluster of Exzellence

Neuro Modelling Talk

Chair for Theory of Science and Technology Neuro Modelling Talk at the CSS Lab website


Urban, automated, user-centered transport platform

Chair Indivudual and Technology UrbANT at the iTec website

Perception of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles​

Chair Indivudual and Technology Projekt at the iTec website