Master Governance of Technologie and Innovation



Wilhelm Viehöver

Academic assistant


+49 241 80-25538



Our society is being transformed by technology and innovation in a sustainable manner. This is evident in global challenges such as the energy transition, climate change, aging societies, networked production, artificial intelligence, and mobility. To ensure a fair decision-making process, complex and confusing information, as well as ignorance must be grappled with. Special skills are required to shape this change in a socially responsible way. You will acquire these by linking sociology, and philosophy of knowledge with technological-political perspectives.

This international Master course of study teaches these skills in a practical way as it is situated at the interface of academic research, political advising, and public administration. This course of study focuses on questions on uncertain knowledge and decisions under complex social-technological conditions. Problems and approaches will be dealt with theoretically, conceptionally, and practically in the form of projects and internships. The Master course of study will also be run with industry partners from academic and technological organizations in economics, politics, and administration.